Industrious Productions

Documentary-Style Video Production

Industrious Productions is a production company helmed by award-winning documentary filmmakers who have an eye for creating powerful video content.  We have experience working with companies and non-profits such as HomeTrust Bank, Google, FLS Energy, Greenpeace and Moog, as well as numerous Ad agencies, creating cost-effective advertising and web-video campaigns. 

New Doc-Style TV Spots

Recently we've been working on a documentary style campaign of broadcast ads for HomeTrust Banking.  The concept is 60 second TV profiles of interesting HomeTrust mortgage holders.  

So far, we've worked with a bunch of pure bred dogs, a dog agility trainer and an Olympic silver medalist in cycling.  We jumped right into our subject's lives, over each several day shoot, capturing them at their jobs and in their homes.

We are happy with how they came out and are looking forward to doing more of these in the near future.  Check out the finished ads and production stills below.  They can be seen all over Charter Cable and WLOS.

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