Industrious Productions

Documentary-Style Video Production

Industrious Productions is a production company helmed by award-winning documentary filmmakers who have an eye for creating powerful video content.  We have experience working with companies and non-profits such as HomeTrust Bank, Google, FLS Energy, Greenpeace and Moog, as well as numerous Ad agencies, creating cost-effective advertising and web-video campaigns. 

Gluten-Freeing It

Last fall we jumped into the gluten free world big time by shooting 12 episodes of an upcoming cooking show titled "Hungry for Health."  The episodes were co-hosted by Master Chef and all-around-food expert Sueson Vess & Nutritionist/Food Anthropologist extrordinaire Robyn Mason, and produced by Sueson and Robyn with Dr. Tom O'Bryan, a well-known Gluten Free All-Star.  

The time spent with these heavy hitters of the Gluten Free / Nutrition world was a total joy — very enlightening and unbelievably tasty.  Our hosts dropped serious nutition knowlege while offering up an unbroken chain of delicious delectables.  More of this, please!

"Hungry for Health" will offer recipes, humor and inspiration for people who are making the transition to a gluten-free and natural foods lifestyle. 


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