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Industrious Productions is a production company helmed by award-winning documentary filmmakers who have an eye for creating powerful video content.  We have experience working with companies and non-profits such as HomeTrust Bank, Google, FLS Energy, Greenpeace and Moog, as well as numerous Ad agencies, creating cost-effective advertising and web-video campaigns. 

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Documenting New Belgium

Almost two years ago now, New Belgium Brewing announced that they would be building a large brewery and tasting room on the French Broad River in Asheville.  Frothy beverage lovers that we are, we were pretty stoked.  Now that they are about to break ground, we are super pleased to be working with them on a two-year documentary project that aims to capture their ambitious expansion from Fort Collins, CO to their new location in Asheville.  

The project will be a series of six short digital documentary films that will delve into the history of the site, and show the process of what it takes to build a brewery with a liquid center/tasting room right in the middle of a bustling little city, on a site that needs to be reclaimed (brownfields etc) and infrastructure (roads, green spaces and bike lanes etc) that needs to be updated a bit.  

So far, we've gotten to meet some really great, thoughtful NBB-ers, and it's been fascinating to peek into their process and see how the community receives them, while thinking about what Asheville will be when the state-of-the-art brewery opens up in just 18 months.

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Working with Actors

With 15 plus years in documentary comes many front row seat to situations you wouldn't have privy to otherwise.  Its probably one of the main reasons we keep on doing (that and all the prestige/dolla bills they rain) them.  That said, when we get the chance to work from a script, with a shot list and with actors, its a lotta fun.  There is a different kind of adrenaline happening when collaborating in an non, non-fiction way.  And at the end of a shoot with actors, you come away with a different breed of funk in your t-shirt.  Narrative stuff uses different muscles for certain. 

Recently we've been working on a multi-video real estate project for Dixon Pacifica that is 2/3rd's doc and 1/3 scripted.  The doc part was second nature for us.  And while the scripted part isn't exactly torn from the David Mamet or Aaron Sorkin canon, its good and it was fun to give the proper motivation for.  The acting couple we worked with were champs.  As a bonus, for some unbeknownst reason this real estate info graphic/narrative video seems to have lots of Charlie's Angles hair flips.   Thanks to Evan and Rebecca!


LEAF Schools & Streets Project

LEAF is an Asheville institution, not only as a music festival but as an organization.  We recently made a video showcasing the Schools & Streets branch of LEAF which provides music and dance instruction from accomplished professionals to kids who might not ordinarily have the means to afford it.  The LEAF Schools & Streets Jazz program is heading to New Orleans next month to play with the Internationally known Preservation Hall.  We are excited to be working with LEAF and look forward to future projects!   

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