Industrious Productions

Documentary-Style Video Production

Industrious Productions is a production company helmed by award-winning documentary filmmakers who have an eye for creating powerful video content.  We have experience working with companies and non-profits such as HomeTrust Bank, Google, FLS Energy, Greenpeace and Moog, as well as numerous Ad agencies, creating cost-effective advertising and web-video campaigns. 

Folkmoot Baby?

While juggling the dozens and dozens of terabytes worth of material we have (ie; moving one chunk from one drive to another less populated drive), I came across a bunch of forgotten footage we shot last summer out in Maggie Valley for the 30th annual Folkmoot Festival. 

Folkmoot is a cultural folk music and dance festival that brings in teams of performers from all over the world to hangout, dance and perform at various functions around WNC for two weeks.  We were tasked with shooting their large scale opening-night-gala with just two cameras and a GoPro, inside an airplane hangar size Grand Ole Stompin' Ground where all the different countries performed their elaborate acts over the course of the three hour event.  Right afterwards we had to turn the whole thing around, editing, mixing, exporting etc in 12-18 hours time frame so it could be burned into Dvds for Folkmoot to sell during the festival. 

I don't remember a whole lot about how it all went off.  I do remember not sleeping for a couple days and a general crushing pressure feeling.  Despite a shipload of technical problems we cut it together and it came out great.  We burned the 1000 Dvds and made our deadline.  I must have blocked it all out.  Which is probably why when I found the footage I was happily surprised at how great and colorful it looked. 

The countries represented were New Zealand, Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Serbia, Belgium, Philippines and Hawaii.  Everyone was very talented and attractive with great costumes.  I think my favorite group was from Puerto Rico.  I feel like the super athletic and highly masculine boys from Serbia had the best time and got the most out of the festival on a lot of different levels though.  There were 200 male and female dancers all staying in one dormitory in Waynesville over the two weeks.  None of the dorm life made it on the Dvd.  I wonder if there were any cross cultural (most likely half Serbian) baby dancers made that weekend. 

Indonesia Representing

LEAF Schools & Streets Project

LEAF is an Asheville institution, not only as a music festival but as an organization.  We recently made a video showcasing the Schools & Streets branch of LEAF which provides music and dance instruction from accomplished professionals to kids who might not ordinarily have the means to afford it.  The LEAF Schools & Streets Jazz program is heading to New Orleans next month to play with the Internationally known Preservation Hall.  We are excited to be working with LEAF and look forward to future projects!   

Press about Industrious Productions

Asheville Citizen-Times profile from yesterday's Sunday paper!  
"Have burro, will travel."

For Asheville documentary filmmakers Rod Murphy and Adams Wood, that catchy motto has applied over the last decade as each has pursued his own projects from the dusty Copper Canyon region of Mexico to the frosty desolation of Point Hope, Alaska ... The gradual evolution toward commercial work is one the devoted artists see as a vital way to continuing to do what they love best — tell people’s stories. read more 

Gluten-Freeing It

Last fall we jumped into the gluten free world big time by shooting 12 episodes of an upcoming cooking show titled "Hungry for Health."  The episodes were co-hosted by Master Chef and all-around-food expert Sueson Vess & Nutritionist/Food Anthropologist extrordinaire Robyn Mason, and produced by Sueson and Robyn with Dr. Tom O'Bryan, a well-known Gluten Free All-Star.  

The time spent with these heavy hitters of the Gluten Free / Nutrition world was a total joy — very enlightening and unbelievably tasty.  Our hosts dropped serious nutition knowlege while offering up an unbroken chain of delicious delectables.  More of this, please!

"Hungry for Health" will offer recipes, humor and inspiration for people who are making the transition to a gluten-free and natural foods lifestyle. 


New Doc-Style TV Spots

Recently we've been working on a documentary style campaign of broadcast ads for HomeTrust Banking.  The concept is 60 second TV profiles of interesting HomeTrust mortgage holders.  

So far, we've worked with a bunch of pure bred dogs, a dog agility trainer and an Olympic silver medalist in cycling.  We jumped right into our subject's lives, over each several day shoot, capturing them at their jobs and in their homes.

We are happy with how they came out and are looking forward to doing more of these in the near future.  Check out the finished ads and production stills below.  They can be seen all over Charter Cable and WLOS.

Sally's Reality Pilot

Over the summer we shot a reality pilot for Sally Spiegel, a talented Asheville designer and renovator.  The character driven pilot showcases Sally's designing talent and also has some very funny and poignant moments.  Last week we screened a rough cut of the pilot at Market Connections with Sally in attendance.  It went over well.  We are currently finishing the shows fine cut. 

IV Nicolini Finish .jpg
Sally Lowes still1.jpg
Sally at the table1.jpg

Holiday Concert with LEAF School & Streets

Last night we shot the first piece of the LEAF Schools & Streets project we are working on at the Asheville Middle School.  The 7-piece LSS Jazz band under the supervision of their instructor Mr. Gary Bradley played several songs as part of the school's Holiday concert.  The crowd enjoyed their rendition of "When the Saints Go Marching In."  The LSS Jazz class is going on a trip to New Orleans in March. 

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